gainesville days

Written during a period in my life where I had secluded myself. Drawing inward for inspiration . . . Much of what is here is raw. I still feel, though, that it is some of the most powerful work I have done to date.

The date of all poems here is unknown. Time ceased to exist or matter to me during this period. Therefore all the dates are simply place markers in a vague time line.

ghosts of time

| January 1st, 1998

live life free of all these
staggering sighs
hide beneath these hard white tiles
layered with words
covered with false hopes and dreams
(the cellophane breathes)
the viridian layers descend
drowning what we hoped to achieve
left stringing out antiquity
until the ghosts of time
find the lock
and break the key

a night on the town

| January 1st, 1998

pin-hole moon
energy shifting
gaiaian biorhythms flux
darkness pierces light
scenic blending
worlds apart from anywhere
turns this moment
this piece of something inseparable
all encompassing
into a matinée show
of the latest B-movie
cheap theatric lighting
and the rumble of a fog machine
rustling the paper leaves

poor drunks type-cast
recycle trash into shattered diamonds
digging for some peace of mind


| January 1st, 1998

a piece of history
laid amongst the cheap, fast
hard-up style
of modern life

rising above the decay
both moral and stone
to meet the expectations
of the searching
finding some identity
within the lucid
images, it projects
copulating with the
forcing dream-children to
rise and be born
into this desperate longing
for an ancient unity
hidden in their
will they ever find
will we ever find